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Quality Policy

Jascon Engineering’s ISO


Quality Policy

we fall under the same umbrella as Jascon, Syscon safety systems is also committed to maintain the quality management system and customer satisfaction by meeting all the requirements set by ISO 9001:2008

The aim of Syscon safety systems is to provide to its client high services of BMS and system integration including supervision, installation, testing, and Commissioning.

The quality management system established at Syscon safety system is customer focused and includes the following

  • Understanding and meeting the customer needs.
  • Selecting the proper employees which has received the applicable training in order to achieve the quality policy.
  • Selecting the proper suppliers based on the quality and the project requirements.
  • Outlining the performance process, where applicable, to the quality management system.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the changes to the requirements and confirm that all changes are reflected in changes to the specific requirements when necessary.
  • Providing a continual improvement of the quality by including helpful processes.
  • Ensuring that the system requirement has been met by providing evidence and records
  • Executing the audits and analyze the system processes and correct them when necessary
  • Establishing authorities and responsibility for each designation as the job description.

Project Based Approach

  • Obtain the required document and computer-aided design from the client/contractor
  • Coordinate with the MEP contractor to obtain needed clearance
  • Coordinate with other subcontractors to avoid any conflicts and delays
  • Provide the necessary drawing and obtain the approval by the client
  • Issue a request for information (RFI) in case any clarification is needed in order to avoid any unnecessarily actions on site
  • Track the request for information (RFI) by providing a log to avoid any delays
  • Apply any changes originating from the request for information (RFI) or client request on as built-drawing and site

Quality Management System

Syscon safety systems is committed to maintain an effective Quality Management System. This manual has been prepared to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems for the activities carried out at our location.

Syscon safety systems Quality System is based on:

  • Identifies the processes needed for the quality system and their application throughout the organization;
  • Determines the sequence and interaction of these processes;
  • Determines criteria and methods required to ensure that control, operation and management of these processes are effective;
  • Ensures the availability of resources and information necessary to support operation and monitoring of these processes;
  • Monitors, measures, and analyzes these processes, and implements actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement;
  • Implements actions required to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Our Group of Companies are committed to HSEQ. We have developed extensive HSEQ Manuals that are continuously updated. Our manuals focus on standard operating procedures for a safe work environment and emergency response and protocol. Our employees are trained in HSEQ and refresher training is mandatory.

Quality is the cornerstone of what we strive to deliver to our clients. Our Group of Companies hold a number of ISO certifications and we have extensive Quality Management Procedures that are followed.

Responsibility, Authority & Communication

Upon joining induction programs are conducted to employees, wherein the job profiles are clearly explained. Training is also given, where appropriate and the new comer is taught about Company culture of work.

Key responsibilities and authorities for effectively implementing the quality system are described below. Detailed responsibilities are defined as job descriptions and communicated to the employees.


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